My FM Shortlist was recently released after careful designing to ensure it meets the needs of those who would use it. It aims to take the memory game out of scouting, ensuring you never miss an opportunity. The flawless design and contents make it the perfect gift for anyone who wants to scout the next Ronaldo. Let’s take a closer look.


The contents pages are laid out clearly letting you write players name and their position. The handy dandy page numbers beside the players enable you to efficiently find the right page without flicking page by page, saving you time and frustration. There is space for 44 players and their information to be stored inside. Perfect for anyone who loves to spend time scouting.

Player Profile

This is where the magic happens, we’ve created a space that lets you document everything important about a player that you would need to know before potentially signing. You can fill out the players name, date of birth, current/former clubs, age, height, foot, nationalities and a description for the player. 

The addition of a small tactic pitch on the page allows you to mark the players playable positions in an easy to see way. There’s also space for position notes that you feel are important or worth noting. 

My FM Shortlist has a section for the players strengths and weaknesses. These have been colour coded green and red for added visual satisfaction. In total there is space for 9 strengths and 9 weaknesses. We’ve made room for skills, traits and other notes that could come under this category, so if the player is a bit hotheaded, this is the place to put it! 

Of course a scouting page wouldn’t be complete without the players current and potential rating. There are ⭐️ outlines for you to colour in to show where the player is at or could be at. 

There is a crucial section to input the players transfer value and weekly wage, these are always important to keep an eye on to make sure the player is affordable!

And lastly, we’ve left a little section for final player notes so you can add your thoughts and come back to it at a later date if needed. 

Note pages 

There are some additional note pages at the back for  important doodles, information or that quick fleeting thought you wanted to remember!