My FM Journal was released a couple of month's ago to a lot of enthusiasm within the Football Manager Community. The idea behind the journal is to give you a space designed specifically to compliment your game play and follow you through the seasons of your career. It allows you to consolidate all your ideas, tactics and results in one easily accessible place. Let’s break it down and take a closer look at what’s included.

The journal covers 5 seasons of your career. Each season is colour coded for quick accessibility meaning no more flicking through pages trying to find the tactic that worked best last season for you. The design of the contents page allows you to easily see where to find each season and what page it is. This is only one of the reasons it makes this the perfect gift for any FM lover.

Manager profile

The manager profile, complete with a cute little world map below, allows you to note down who you are (or want to be) for your career. Complete with space for your favourite formations, management style and career targets, it enables you to set out where you are currently and where you want to be. You can also note down any coaching badges or play reputation from Sunday League to International.

Season info

This is your space to document your season details, so what season you’re on, the club/nation name(s), division of tournament and media prediction. There’s also space included to write down your season targets and what available competitions there are for you to enter (and win…). Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without the accompaniment of a page dedicated to your important manager doodles!


My FM Journal has space for your Primary, Secondary and Third tactic choices. These are laid out for ease of use, meaning you never forget and mix up your best tactics. You can write down the tactic name, mentality and key tactical instructions. To make you feel even more empowered as a manager, we’ve included a small football tactics pitch on the page so you can mark out the tactic for visual satisfaction. There is also a smaller section for any other important tactical notes you feel need documenting.

Set pieces 

We’ve created a page specifically for your attacking and defensive set pieces on a tactics pitch on the page. You can mark down where you want your players and use it as a quick go too for those challenging games. There’s space for instructions and any other notes that need to accompany these pieces. 


No journal for your career would be complete without space keeping track of your transfers in and out. This is clearly laid out with a page dedicated for each. You can note down the players position, name, fee and where they’re from or going to. Transfers made easy!

Bragging rights (🤞) 

My FM Journal contains a 24 league table so you can document where you’ve finished this season, we’re hoping it’s above where you were previously. Anyway, you can track each team's games played, wins, draws, losses, goal difference and points. The next page lets you brag about your cup finishes because these are very important and should definitely be documented and remembered. 

Key results

If you’re like us and have results that have been important or impacted on your season, good or bad, you can fill them in here for future reference. Allowing space for the competition name, result and goal scorers. 

Best 11

We all have our favourite 11 even if we are too professional to admit it. Here you can mark down your best 11 on a tactics pitch that fills the whole page, allowing your best players to have the glory and favouritism they deserve. 

Season review

You can use this page to document the fan’s player of the season, young player of the season, best signing, top scorer, most passes completed (per 90 minutes) and more. It provides a good overall look at your season and how your team has done. 

Manager stats

Who doesn’t love a good critique or praise? This page allows you to note down your win, draw and loss record, your win percentage, money spent and received, any trophies won, goals (for, against, difference) and any manager notes you feel important to add. 

At the end of each season are a couple of pages dedicated to your manager notes. Here you can jot down anything worth remembering each season without having it all on different pages or on different pieces of paper, making this the perfect buy. 

What more could you need from such a comprehensive FM journal?